Children's Summer Reading Program

All Together Now, the library's 2023 summer reading program will begin Tuesday, May 30. 

Participating in the library's summer reading program is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Beginning Tuesday, May 30, stop by either library branch to pick up a reading log and stickers.

2. Start reading, and keep track of how much time you spend reading on your reading log.

3. Bring your completed reading log (50 stickers) to the library, and we will give you prizes!


Frequently asked questions:

Can I pick up my reading log earlier than May 30?

Yes, the reading logs will be available for pick-up about a week before the program begins; however, all reading for the program needs to begin on or after May 30. No prizes will be given out before May 30.

Can I pick up my reading log and get my prizes at the Springboro Branch even though the construction project is ongoing?

Yes! Even though patrons cannot currently enter the Springboro Library building, we are more than happy to serve you at the table in front of the library. We will have reading logs available, as well as prizes! 

Do only library books count for the program?

No, you can read anything this summer, and it all counts for the summer reading program. We'd love for you to come to the library and check out some books; however, you can read your own personal books, eBooks, magazines, newspapers, audiobooks, or even the back of the cereal box! All reading counts.

When does the summer reading program end?

The library's summer reading program ends Saturday, July 22. Bring your completed reading log to the library on or before July 22 to get prizes and to be entered into our grand prize drawing. If you finish your reading log after July 22, that is OK. Still bring it to the library. We'll continue to give out prizes a few weeks after the end of the program. But if you want to be entered in the grand prize drawing, you must turn in your completed log by July 22.

If I finish the summer reading program early, can I do it again?

To ensure we have enough prizes for the many children in the library service area, we ask that each child only complete the program one time. We hope you'll continue reading all summer long, but you can only complete the summer reading program once.

What ages can participate in the library summer reading program?

The children's summer reading program is for all children from birth through age 12. (Children ages 11-12 have the option of participating in either the children's or the teen program.) You may count time that the child reads to themselves or time that someone else reads to the child.

How much do I have to read to complete the summer reading program?

The reading log has spots for 50 stickers. You use the stickers to keep track of how much time you spend reading. Parents / guardians decide whether a sticker is worth 10 minutes of reading or 20 minutes of reading. Each time you read (or are read to) for 10 or 20 minutes, you put a sticker on the log sheet. Therefore, it will take younger readers a little over 8 hours to complete the log sheet with 50 stickers, and it will take older/stronger readers a little over 16 hours to complete the log sheet with 50 stickers.


Summer Reading Activities

In addition to the summer reading program, the library will offer free activities and entertainment all summer long. Find full schedule here.