Mindful Home Organizing: Take the First Step


Getting organized can be a confidence booster, but emotions and personality traits need to be reassessed first, before attacking the physical clutter, we'll address emotional issues and learn some strategies for getting organized and staying organized.

Break free from clutter and learn to:

~ Let go of perfectionism, which holds you back

~ Stop procrastination and start organizing

~ Work against hoarding tendencies

~ Monitor what you allow into your home

~ Motivate family members to get organized

~ Apply specific strategies for your ADHD loved ones

~ Let go of guilt over your deceased loved one's items

~ Take steps to break your shopping habit

Lori Firsdon, owner of Forte Organizers, has been organizing professionally since 2006.  She is a regular Dayton Daily News columnist and has been featured on national television shows focusing on organizing, including A&E Hoarders.

Free to adults ages 16 and up.  Seating on a first come basis.



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