Free Tax Preparation by AARP Volunteers

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Free tax preparation by AARP Foundation Tax-Aide Volunteers

Fridays, beginning February 7 through April 11, 2014

10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Springboro Library Branch

Appointments are required by calling 937-748-3200

Participants need to pick up a Tax Information Packet at the Springboro Library's circulation desk and complete the form before their scheduled appointment.


1. What you need to bring with you:

~ Copy of last year's income tax return(s)

~ W-2 forms from each employer

~ Unemployment compensation statements

~ SSA-1099 if you were paid Social Security benefits

~ All 1099 forms showing interest and/or dividends and documentation showing original purchase price of sold assets

~ 1099-Misc showing any miscellaneous income

~ 1099-R if you received a pension or annuity

~ All forms indicating federal income tax paid

~ Dependent care provider information (name, employer, ID, Social Security number)

~ All receipts or canceled checks if itemizing deductions

~ Social Security cards or other official documentation for yourself and all dependents


2. We Can Prepare:

~ 1040 with Schedules A, B and D

~ Schedule C up to $10,000 expenses (Schedule C has same requirements for CEZ - no employees, no inventory, no losses or depreciation, etc.)

~ Schedule EIC and EIC Worksheets

~ 1099-Misc (box 7 nonemployee compensation is reported on Schedule C/CEZ)

~ 1099-Misc (box 1 or 2 - rents, royalties, reported on Schedule E with no expenses, depreciation)

~ 1099-Misc (box 3 other income is reported on 1040 Line 21)

~ 1040-ES (Estimated Payments)

~ 2441 (Child & Dependent Care)

~ 5405 (Repayment of FTHBC)

~ 8283, Section A, Part 1 – noncash contributions to charity exceed $500 but are less than $5,000

~ 8606 (Nondeductible IRA) Part 1

~ 8880 (Qualified Savings Credit)

~ 8812 (Additional Child Tax Credit)

~ 8863 (Education Credits)

~ 8949 (Sale or Disposition of Assets)

~ 9465 (Installment Agreement)

~ 8379 (Injured Spouse)

~ 1040X (Amended Returns, if trained in the tax year being amended)

~ Schedule K-1 that provides information only for interest, dividends & capital gain distributions & royalties (Schedule B, D, E)

~ Cancellation of Debt–1099-A and/or 1099-C and Form 982, if trained and certified*

~ Health Savings Accounts–1099-SA and Form 8889, if trained and certified*


3. We Can Not Prepare:

~ Schedule C (Business Profit and Loss) if a loss or expenses exceed $10,000

~ Complicated Schedule D without proper paperwork (Capital Gains and Losses)

~ Schedule E (Rental Property) with expenses, including depreciation (exception: returns for military members only, prepared by a counselor who has been certified to do military returns provided another military certified counselor is available to quality review the return)

~ Schedule F (Farm Income)

~ 2106 (Employee Business Expenses)

~ 3903 (Moving Expenses)

~ 8615 (Minor’s Investment Income)

~ Portions of Schedule A and B that are not included in our training

~ Schedule K-1 that involves depreciation or deductible expenses

~ Other rental income or business income

~ Returns (original or amended) farther back than three prior years


*HAS/COD: A separate online training module and certification test is provided for certification in handling each of these modules in our program. Only counselors who have been certified on one or both of these modules may prepare returns containing HSA and/or COD, respectively.